At First Church we believe in being connected to each other because that’s an important part of how God created His church. He uses word pictures to describe His church as a family, a body made up of various parts, an army, a building of stones or bricks. In each of these descriptions we see the inter-connectedness of each individual part that together makes up the whole. We offer many ways to connect with others, in gatherings large and small.

We know LIFE happens all week long, not just on Sunday! So in addition to our Celebration Worship Service on the weekend, we offer classes for learning, groups to share interests, and teams for serving that will help you grow real relationships with people just like you.


Click on any of the links below to start connecting.

-I’m new – What can I expect when I visit First Church?

-Ministries – Opportunities for all ages to learn, grow and connect

-Wednesday Night Activities – There’s something for everyone!

-Serving Teams – Ready to use your God given talents and serve?  Get involved in one of our many ministries.